A Comprehensive Approach to Boosting ROI with Mortgages in Dubai

A Comprehensive Approach to Boosting ROI with Mortgages in Dubai

Many investors in Dubai are trying to navigate the complex maze of mortgages and find ways to achieve higher investment returns. They face fluctuating interest rates and a wide range of financial products.

It is common for investors to feel uncertain and overwhelmed. However, there is a possibility of making every decision count and propelling investments forward in this market, ultimately maximizing ROI.

This blog is your compass in the intricate world of Dubai mortgages. Here, we blend expert insights with real-world data, offering strategies that transform challenges into profitable opportunities.

‘The best investment on Earth is Earth,’ said Louis Glickman, and we’re here to show you how to make the most of it in Dubai’s dynamic property landscape.

How can you Maximize your Return on Investment in Dubai's Real Estate Market?

Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) in Dubai’s real estate market requires a strategic approach, combining market knowledge, financial savvy, and timing. Here are key strategies to consider

  • Market Research: Stay informed about the latest market trends, including supply and demand dynamics, price fluctuations, and future.

  • Development plans in Dubai. Understanding these factors can help you identify areas with high growth potential.

  • Location Selection: Choose properties in locations that are either already in high demand or are projected to become popular.

    Areas with good infrastructure, proximity to landmarks, or upcoming developments can offer higher appreciation rates.

  • Property Type and Quality: Invest in property types that are in demand, such as residential units in family-friendly neighbourhoods or commercial spaces in business districts.High-quality properties with modern amenities tend to attract better tenants and higher rents.

  • Timing the Market: While timing the market ideally is challenging, buying property during a market downturn can lead to significant gains when the market rebounds.

  • Diversification: Diversify your investments across different types of properties and locations to spread risk.

  • Long-Term Perspective: Real estate investment often yields the best returns over the long term. Patience can be a critical factor in realizing significant capital gains.

  • Leveraging Mortgages: Utilize mortgages wisely to finance your investments. Compare different mortgage options to find the most cost-effective and flexible solution.

  • Active Management: Actively manage your property to ensure it remains attractive to tenants or buyers. Regular maintenance and upgrades can increase its value.

  • Legal and Tax Considerations: Understand your investments’ legal and tax implications in Dubai. This may involve consulting with legal and financial experts.

  • Exit Point: Always Knowing when and how to sell your investment can significantly impact your ROI.

What is the formula to calculate ROI with Mortgages in Dubai?

The most accessible formula to calculate the return on investment (ROI) in real estate, particularly in contexts like Dubai’s property market, is the basic ROI formula:

ROI=(A−B)B ROI=B(A−B)​In this formula:

represents the total return on the investment at the end of a period. This could be the property’s final sale price or total income (such as rental income over a certain period).

is the total initial amount of investment. This includes the property’s purchase price and property valuation fees, such as transaction fees, repair costs, and any down payments on mortgage loans.

How do you Calculate the ROI for a Real Estate Investment in Dubai?

Let’s take a hypothetical example to illustrate how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for a real estate property in Dubai.

How Do You Calculate the ROI for a Real Estate Investment in Dubai-Emortgage UAE

Example: Calculating ROI for a Property in Dubai

  • Purchase Price of the Property: AED 1,200,000
  • Additional Costs:
  1. Transaction Fees: AED 50,000
  2. Repair Costs: AED 30,000
  3. Mortgage Down Payment: AED 300,000
  • Total Investment (B): Purchase Price + Additional Costs = AED 1,200,000 + AED 50,000 + AED 30,000 + AED 300,000 = AED 1,580,000
  • Sale Price of the Property after 5 Years (A): AED 1,800,000

Calculating ROI:

Using the formula ROI=(A−B)B ROI=B(A−B)​, where A is the total return, and B is the total investment:

  1. Calculate Total Return (A): AED 1,800,000 (Sale Price)
  2. Calculate Total Investment (B): AED 1,580,000 (Total Purchase Price, Additional Costs, and Down Payment)
  3. Subtract B from A: AED 1,800,000 – AED 1,580,000 = AED 220,000
  4. Divide the Difference by Total Investment (B): AED 220,000 / AED 1,580,000 = 0.13924
  5. Convert to Percentage: 0.13924 x 100 = 13.924%


The ROI on this real estate property in Dubai is approximately 13.924%.

What Makes Dubai's Property Market an Attractive Choice for Investors?

Dubai’s property market presents several compelling features that make it an attractive choice for investors. These are some critical factors

What Makes Dubai's Property Market an Attractive Choice for Investors-Emortgage UAE
  • Strategic Location: Dubai’s position as a global business hub between the East and the West drives international demand for real estate.
  • High Rental Yields: The city offers higher rental yields than many global cities, attracting income-focused investors.
  • Diverse Property Portfolio: A wide range of property types caters to varied investment goals and market preferences.
  • Growing Economy: Economic diversification into tourism, trade, and technology boosts the real estate market.
  • Favourable Government Policies: Investor-friendly policies, including long-term visas and easy property ownership, attract foreign investors.
  • No Annual Property Taxes: The absence of annual property taxes reduces ownership costs and enhances ROI potential.

How can eMortgage Enhance your Property Investment Experience?

Choosing the suitable mortgage options is where eMortgage steps in. With many mortgage choices available, finding one that aligns with your investment goals is essential.

Whether looking at fixed or variable rates, short-term or 30-year terms, eMortgage can guide you through the process, ensuring that your mortgage complements your long-term investment strategy.

We can give you the best mortgages in Dubai.


Investing in Dubai’s real estate market can be highly profitable, especially when leveraging mortgages effectively.

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market can be highly profitable, especially when leveraging mortgages effectively.

With strategic planning and informed decisions, your journey in Dubai’s real estate market, guided by experts from eMortgage, can be both rewarding and financially beneficial.

Overseas investors can significantly boost their ROI by understanding the nuances of the property market, from rental property to property types, ideal locations, mature property markets, and choosing the correct mortgage rates.