What are the current Mortgage rates in the UAE?

Current Mortgage rates in the UAE

What are the current Mortgage rates in the UAE?

The UAE’s mortgage landscape is characterised by various rates, influenced by property price, loan tenure, and borrower’s credit score. Currently, the rates fluctuate, with options for both fixed and variable rates. It’s crucial to use a mortgage calculator and consult with a mortgage advisor to understand the specifics of these rates and how they apply to your situation.


Fixed Rate

Variable/Reducing Rate

Maximum Loan Tenure

FAB Home Loan for Residences & Investment


0.55% + 3 months EIBOR (1st year), 1.5% + EIBOR (2nd year onwards)

25 years

Standard Chartered Saadiq Home Finance


Reducing Rate: 2.99%

25 years

Emirates NBD Home Loans


Reducing Rate: 5.75%

25 years

CBD Mortgage Loan

Profit Rate: 2.18% to 3.54%

25 years

Mashreq Bank Home Loan


25 years

HSBC New Home Loan


Reducing Rate: 3.59%

25 years

ADCB Standard Mortgage Loan

Reducing Rate: 3.99%

25 years

This chart provides a general overview. The suitability of variable or fixed-rate home loans can vary based on individual financial circumstances, market conditions, and personal risk tolerance.

How does a Mortgage Loan Calculator help in Mortgage Loan Calculation?

A mortgage calculator is a handy tool for anyone navigating the complexities of a mortgage loan. It helps you understand your monthly payments, considering the outstanding loan amount, property tax, and the terms set by your mortgage lender.

This tool is handy for those considering Fixed-Rate Mortgages, as it clearly shows what you’ll pay monthly. By inputting different variables, you can also compare scenarios for quick approvals. Essentially, a mortgage calculator demystifies the financial implications of a mortgage, making it easier to plan and budget for your dream home.

Summing Up!

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Factors like the real estate market, credit reports, and the central bank’s policies significantly determine mortgage rates.

Yes, there may be room for negotiation depending on your credit score and loan application strength.

While the government sets certain guidelines, rates are largely determined by individual banks and financial institutions.

This depends on your risk tolerance and financial stability. Fixed rates offer security, while variable rates can potentially offer savings.