How to Calculate ROI on Property Dubai

How to Calculate ROI on Property Dubai

Ah, the art of investment! It’s not just about throwing your money into the next big thing; it’s a dance of strategy, insight, and a bit of daring. Whether you’re eyeing the vibrant startup scene, dipping your toes into the fluid world of liquid real estate, or playing the long game with stocks, the goal remains the same: profit. And not just any profit, but one that makes the journey worthwhile. In the realm of liquid real estate, for instance, the trick is to pick a gem that not only brings in the cash but also becomes the talk of the town among tenants.

Take Dubai, a city that’s no stranger to breaking records. In 2022 alone, it shattered its benchmarks with apartment sales soaring by 76.6%, property transactions by a whopping 124.2%, and villas under construction sales by 56.1% in just the first quarter. It’s clear; those who’ve invested in Dubai homes are sitting on a goldmine.

So, how does one unlock the treasure chest of Dubai real estate? Simple: aim for properties that promise the best return on investment (ROI).

Steps to Calculate ROI on Your Property in Dubai

Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) for a property in Dubai involves a straightforward formula, but it requires accurate and comprehensive data about your investment and the income it generates. Here’s a step-by-step example to guide you through the process:

Step 1: Determine the Gross Annual Rental Income

Suppose you own a property in Dubai Marina that you rent out for AED 120,000 per year.

Gross Annual Rental Income = AED 120,000


Step 2: Calculate the Annual Expenses

Next, tally up all the expenses associated with the property. This includes maintenance fees, service charges, property management fees, and any other costs incurred. Let’s say your annual expenses amount to AED 20,000.

Annual Expenses = AED 20,000


Step 3: Calculate the Net Annual Income

Subtract the annual expenses from the gross annual rental income to get your net annual income.

Net Annual Income = Gross Annual Rental Income – Annual Expenses

Net Annual Income = AED 120,000 – AED 20,000 = AED 100,000


Step 4: Determine the Total Investment

This includes the purchase price of the property plus any additional costs you incurred when buying the property, such as legal fees, registration fees, and any initial renovation costs. Suppose the total investment in the property was AED 1,500,000.

Total Investment = AED 1,500,000


Step 5: Calculate the ROI

Finally, divide the net annual income by the total investment and multiply by 100 to get your ROI percentage.

ROI = (Net Annual Income / Total Investment) x 100

ROI = (AED 100,000 / AED 1,500,000) x 100 = 6.67%


Example Summary:

  • Gross Annual Rental Income: AED 120,000
  • Annual Expenses: AED 20,000
  • Net Annual Income: AED 100,000
  • Total Investment: AED 1,500,000
  • ROI: 6.67%

In this example, the ROI on your Dubai Marina property is 6.67%, indicating the percentage of your total investment that you earn back in a year, after expenses.

Factors to Consider for a Good ROI on Dubai Property

Navigating the Dubai real estate market for a solid return on investment (ROI) can be quite an adventure. Here are a few savvy strategies to help you hit the jackpot with your Dubai property investment:

Pinpoint the Perfect Location

Location is king in real estate, and Dubai offers a royal selection. Whether it’s the luxury of EMAAR, the vibrant community of DAMAC Hills, the waterfront allure of Dubai Marina, the historic charm of Dubai Creek Harbour, or the bustling heart of Dubai Downtown, choosing the right spot is your first step to investment success. The right location not only ensures appreciation but also attracts the highest quality tenants.

Maintenance is Your Money Maker

Underestimating the allure of a well-kept property is like leaving treasure buried. It’s the meticulous attention to the upkeep — be it a garden that’s a feast for the eyes, walls that tell tales through fresh paint, or interiors that whisper of modern elegance — that elevates your property’s desirability. This is your secret weapon to command top dollar in rents and attract tenants who value quality, thereby fattening your ROI.

Add Value for Your Tenants

Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes. What magic would make a property irresistible? Is it the promise of a dedicated parking spot, the assurance of round-the-clock security, the allure of cutting-edge appliances, or perhaps the luxury of ample storage? These are not just amenities; they’re your golden tickets to setting your property apart in a fiercely competitive arena. Offering these treasures can justify premium rents and make your property the talk of the town.

Stay Ahead of Market Trends

The sands of the Dubai real estate market are ever-shifting. Staying attuned to the rhythm of market trends, rental rates, and the competitive landscape is akin to mastering the art of desert navigation. Adjusting your rental price to mirror market conditions is crucial. An empty property is like a mirage — appealing from afar but offering no real value. Pricing it right is the oasis in the desert.

Choose the Stability of Long-term Leases

The glitter of short-term rentals, especially in a tourist paradise like Dubai, is undeniable. However, the true treasure lies in long-term leases. They promise a steady stream of income and tenants who treat your property with care, minimising wear and tear and upkeep expenses. Flexible lease terms can be the charm that binds quality tenants to you, ensuring a continuous flow of riches.


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