Mortgage Calculator

We have carefully designed the most comprehensive Mortgage Calculator in the market, outlining all costs involved and exactly how much you will be paying over the term of the mortgage. Feel free to download, print or email this report.

Use this tool to calculate exactly how much you will be paying and then let us get to work on securing you the best possible mortgage in the market.

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3,544.78 AED per month

we are calculating

Monthly Repayment
(Principal & Interest)
Total Payable over
Payoff Date
Total Principal vs. Interest
Loan Amount
Down Payment (Deposit)
Bank Processing Fee (inclusive of VAT)
0.25% of Loan Amount (Varies by the bank)
Bank Valuation Fee (inclusive of VAT)
Varies by the bank
Real Estate Agency Fee (inclusive of VAT)
2% of Property Price
Land Department Transfer Fee
4% of Property Price
Land Department Mortgage Registration Fee
0.25% of Loan Amount + AED 290
Land Department Title Fee
(inclusive of VAT)
Land Department Trustee Appointment Fee
(inclusive of VAT)
Total Costs
*Minus Costs Added To Loan
Loan Amount including Associated Fee
Cash Required Upfront