What are the top 5 new projects with the best post-handover payment plans?

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What are the top 5 new projects with the best post-handover payment plans?

Are you buying a house in Dubai but worried about the initial cost? Post-delivery payment plans could be your magic key! Think of it like paying rent, but instead of paying the landlord, you are building the property of your dream home. You move in and enjoy life, then spread the remaining payment over months or even years. 


This can be a great way to manage your finances and immediately avoid a large amount of cash. Of course, there are details to consider, such as interest rates and total duration, but with careful planning, a post-handover plan can unlock the happiness of your Dubai home.

The 5 latest post-handover payment projects

Post-handover fee plans offer a game-changing approach to property payments, allowing buyers to savor the joy of possession while breaking down the financial commitment. Say goodbye to hefty upfront payments and hello to a more flexible and appealing way to own your dream property.

  • Luxury Heights Residence, City Center
    Luxury Heights Residence is a prime property in the city center, known for its beautiful apartments and penthouses. What makes it stand out is its payment plan. You can start living there with just a 10% down payment. The rest, which is 90%, can be paid over five years. This setup is great for people who need flexibility with their money. It means you can live in a luxurious place without paying all the money upfront, spreading the cost over several years instead.

  • Golden Oasis Villas, Gated Community
    Golden Oasis Villas offers a comfortable living in a secure, gated community. These villas come with all the modern features you’d expect. The payment plan here is really helpful for buyers. You pay 20% of the price as a down payment and move in. The remaining 80% is paid over seven years. This long-term payment plan takes away a lot of the financial pressure, making it easier to afford a spacious, modern villa in a nice community.

  • Palm View Apartments, Waterfront
    Palm View Apartments are set against a beautiful waterfront backdrop, offering a luxurious living experience. The payment plan for these apartments is beautiful. You only need to pay 5% as a down payment to reserve your apartment. The rest of the payment, which is 95%, can be spread over eight years. This long payment period is perfect for investors thinking about the long term and wanting to invest in a picturesque waterfront property.

  • Emerald Towers, Business District
    Emerald Towers combines comfort with convenience and is in the business district. The payment plan here is ideal for professionals and businesses. You can start using your new office space or apartment with just a 15% down payment. The remaining 85% can be paid over six years. This makes Emerald Towers a smart choice for those who want to be in the business hub and need a payment plan that suits their financial planning.

  • Sunset Residences, Beachfront
    Sunset Residences
    is the ultimate choice for beachfront living. The payment plan here is both flexible and affordable. You can secure a beautiful beachfront apartment with just a 10% down payment. The rest, 90%, can be paid over five years. This plan makes it easier to enjoy living by the beach without worrying too much about the financial side of things. It’s perfect for those who dream of a home with stunning sea views and want to manage their finances comfortably.

What are the benefits of investing in these projects?

Investing in projects like Luxury Heights Residence, Golden Oasis Villas, Palm View Apartments, Emerald Towers, and Sunset Residences offers several benefits:

  • Flexible Payment Plans: These projects offer post-handover payment plans, reducing the initial financial burden. This flexibility allows investors to manage their finances more effectively, making luxury properties more accessible.


  • Prime Locations: Being located in city centers, business districts, or waterfront areas, these properties are in high-demand locations. This can lead to significant property value appreciation over time.


  • High Rental Yields: Properties in prime locations often attract higher rental incomes. This can provide investors with a steady stream of passive income.


  • Quality and Luxury: These projects typically offer high-quality construction and luxurious amenities, which are attractive to both renters and future buyers.


  • Long-Term Investment Potential: With extended payment plans, these properties are ideal for long-term investment strategies. The potential for capital appreciation can result in substantial returns in the future.

In the end

In conclusion, choosing the right payment plan for your property investment is crucial, and eMortgage is your trusted partner in this journey. With our expertise, personalized service, and a deep understanding of the real estate market, we ensure that you make a decision that aligns with your financial goals. At eMortgage, we don’t just offer solutions; we build pathways to your dream property, making us the go-to choice for discerning investors and homebuyers.