Post-Handover Payment Plans in Dubai: Features, Advantages, and more

Post-Handover Payment Plans in Dubai Features, Advantages, and more

Post-Handover Payment Plans in Dubai: Features, Advantages, and more

Are you looking to invest in Dubai’s real estate market, but are unsure about the available payment options? Post-handover payment plans could be the solution you’ve been searching for. These plans offer numerous advantages and features, making them an attractive choice for buyers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of post-handover payment plans in Dubai, highlighting their benefits and the types of properties eligible for such plans.

What is a Post-Handover Payment Plan?

A post-handover payment plan is a payment structure that allows buyers to pay for a property in instalments after the handover is completed. Unlike traditional payment plans where buyers must make substantial down payments upfront, post-handover payment plans offer more flexibility and convenience. These plans are particularly popular in Dubai’s real estate market, catering to the diverse needs of buyers.

Types of Properties Eligible for Post-Handover Payments

  • Off-Plan Properties:
    Off-plan properties are still under construction or in the pre-construction phase. These properties offer buyers the opportunity to secure a unit at a lower price compared to ready properties. With post-handover payment plans, buyers can pay instalments during construction and complete the remaining payments after the property is handed over. This gives buyers more time to arrange their finances and manage their cash flow effectively.

  • Ready Properties
    Ready properties, or completed properties, are already constructed and ready for occupancy. Developers offer post-handover payment plans for these properties, enabling buyers to pay for their purchase in installments over an agreed period. This flexibility in payment terms makes owning a ready property more accessible for buyers who may not have the means to make a significant payment up-front.

  • Residential Units
    Post-handover payment plans are available for various types of residential units, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment in the heart of the city or a spacious villa in a suburban neighborhood, there are options available that align with your preferences and budget.

  • Commercial Properties
    In addition to residential units, some developers also offer post-handover payment plans for commercial properties. These can include office spaces, retail units, and warehouses. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish their presence in Dubai, post-handover payment plans for commercial properties provide an opportunity to acquire a space that meets their requirements while managing their financial obligations effectively.

Advantages of Post-Handover Payment Plans in Dubai

  1. Flexibility: Post-handover payment plans allow buyers to manage their finances effectively. Instead of bearing the burden of a large upfront payment, buyers can spread the cost over a more extended period, making it more manageable.
  2. Investment Opportunities: These payment plans present excellent investment opportunities. Buyers can secure a property with a minimal upfront payment and benefit from potential capital appreciation over the construction period. Additionally, ready properties under post-handover payment plans can generate rental income, offering attractive returns on investment.
  3. Favourable Pricing: Post-handover payment plans benefit first-time buyers and those interested in off-plan properties. Buyers can secure the property at a more favourable price by paying instalments during the construction phase and have time to arrange their finances before the handover.
  4. Range of Projects: Dubai’s real estate market offers a wide range of projects with post-handover payment plans. From luxurious villas to affordable apartments, there are options to suit every budget. Buyers can also negotiate payment terms that align with their financial capabilities, making purchasing more convenient.
  5. Support from Dubai Land Department: The Dubai Land Department plays a crucial role in regulating and facilitating post-handover payment plans. Their oversight ensures transparency and safeguards the interests of both buyers and developers, enhancing buyer confidence in these payment options.

Features of Post-Handover Payment Plans in Dubai

  • Flexible Payment Terms: Post-handover payment plans typically offer extended payment terms, allowing buyers to spread their payments over a more extended period. This flexibility eases the financial burden and enables buyers to manage their cash flow more effectively.
  • Interest-Free Instalments: Many developers offer interest-free instalments during the construction phase and post-handover period. This means that buyers can make payments without incurring additional interest charges, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Deferred Payments: With post-handover payment plans, buyers often have the option to defer a portion of the payment until after the property is handed over. This enables buyers to secure the property with a smaller upfront payment and complete the remaining payments later.
  • No or Low Down Payment: Some post-handover payment plans may offer the flexibility of a reduced or no down payment requirement. This can be particularly beneficial for buyers who may not have a substantial amount of savings available for a large upfront payment.
  • Access to Ready Properties: Post-handover payment plans are not limited to off-plan properties. They are also available for ready properties, allowing buyers to choose from a wide range of properties that are already completed and ready for occupancy.
  • Investment Opportunities: Post-handover payment plans can present attractive investment opportunities. Buyers can purchase a property with a payment plan and potentially generate rental income while completing their payments, thereby maximizing return on investment.
  • Developer Support: Developers offering post-handover payment plans often provide support and assistance throughout purchasing. They guide buyers through the payment schedule, clarify any queries, and ensure a smooth transition from the initial purchase to the post-handover period.


Post-handover payment plans in Dubai provide buyers with flexibility, investment opportunities, and a wide range of property options. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an investor, or looking for a property to call home, these plans offer advantages that cater to your needs.

By partnering with eMortgage, you can explore the various post-handover payment options available and make an informed decision. Start your journey towards owning a property in Dubai today and enjoy the benefits of a post-handover payment plan.